Daniel & Brittany’s Wedding at Hilton Bentley Miami

Bride and groom see each other for the first time before their Rooftop Wedding at Hilton Bentley Miami

Daniel & Brittany’s  Rooftop wedding at Hilton Bentley Miami, was  everything that you want for an outdoors wedding ceremony and more. Mother nature was on our side the whole day with clear skies and sunshine. I must say, this wedding was definitely a family affair. Everyone that was invited, either was family or felt like family. The first thing that the best man (Daniel’s brother) told me was: “Today you don’t have to worry about anything. Everyone over here is family, and we are nice people. We’ll do whatever you tell us to do and we’ll help you with whatever you need.” And sure they did!

Not only was a beautiful ceremony, with a the skyline of Miami Beach as a background. It was also a heartfelt one. 

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